3 Reasons to Celebrate National Walnut Day on May 17

Posted May 14, 2019 by Keith Seiz

Working in the food industry, we love a good food holiday. Taco and pizza day…we’re all in and have lunch plans settled early. Cupcake day? Let’s have them for breakfast. Even healthy foods like Kale will receive our dedication to finding foods or making a meal as long as it’s a food holiday.

On May 17, 2019, we’ll be celebrating National Walnut Day. Similar to other food holidays, we’ll be finding a way to incorporate walnuts into as many meal or snack occasions as we can. However, our celebration of walnuts will be a bit more joyous for these three reasons.

Walnuts pay the bills

If you read this blog frequently, you’ll know that we proudly work with the California Walnut Commission. They are an excellent client with a product we believe in. When we founded Brightly Creative as a food and beverage creative agency (after many years toiling in corporate marketing), we made it a mandate that we believe in the products of the clients we work with. They have to be good for humans, good for society and play a role in creating a more responsible food system. Walnuts fit the bill, and since we started working with them a little less than a year ago, we’ve found so much more to love about these amazing tree nuts.

Seasoned walnuts are the bomb

In the first month of working with the walnut industry, I received a package of various seasoned walnut snacks from Japan. I had no clue what any of the flavors were, but was astounded at the flavor pulled from combining a seasoning with the sweet and savory profiles of walnuts. It astounds me that seasoned walnuts are not as popular as peanuts and almonds when it comes to snacking. However, I’m working on it.

I (heart) healthy snacks

Yes, I am a connoisseur of healthy snacking. From roasted coconut chips to wasabi seaweed to honey roasted chickpeas, I am always seeking snacking occasions that satisfy my cravings, give me the healthy calories I need and taste great. Walnuts fit the bill on every point. They are the only nut that is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and research has proven their benefits to improving heart health, cognitive functions and so much more.

Join Brightly Creative in celebrating National Walnut Day by going to walnuts.org and finding some great recipes to make on May 17th.


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