A Few Of Our Favorite Things: Balanced Breakfast

Posted June 4, 2019 by Brightly creative.

Mornings can be hectic. And we are folks who are always on the go. Between work trips, kids and running to the gym, we try and grab a lot of different breakfast foods on our way to what’s next. These are some of our favorite products from this month.

Kashi by Kids Honey Cinnamon Cereal

Keith bought these for his daughter and he can’t put the box down! Crispy cinnamon swirls + honey cinnamon pillows, dare we say more? This tasty combo brings together the flavors of honey, cinnamon and apple for spoonsful (or handsful) of fun and yum. Plus, the product is pretty cool because it was designed by kids for kids.

Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt, KIND Bars

Putting all KIND and Clif bar wars aside (more on that here), this is an early morning airport staple for Keith. This best-selling bar is made of Brazilian sea salt sprinkled over whole nuts and drizzled with dark chocolate, providing sweet, salty and healthy cravings all combined into one bar.

Special K Strawberry Protein Meal Bars, Kellog’s

On her way to the gym, you can catch Alison with a Special K bar in her hand. Full of protein and fiber, these bars are made with crispy, crunchy rice and pieces of strawberry-flavored fruit dipped in creamy goodness. A little indulgence before some lifting.

Watermelon with Passion Fruit, Naked Juice Company

If she doesn’t have time to make her own smoothie in the morning, Alison will reach in the fridge for a Naked Juice. Her new favorite is the Half Naked Line with 50% Less Sugar, 100% Juice. The watermelon with passion fruit is like the cool taste of summer meets tropical paradise. 

Honey & Oats Smart Snacks, Fairlife

Moo-ve over traditional milk! Jonathan is shaking up his breakfast routine with Fairlife Smart Snacks. Each bottle is made with wholesome ingredients including honey and oats and packed with 15 grams of proteins and 5 grams of fiber. You can enjoy great flavors like Rich Chocolate, French Vanilla and Creamy Strawberry. 

Birthday Cake Granola, The Safe + Fair Food Company

Shouldn’t every morning start with a party? Great on cereal, yogurt, ice cream or snack time, Jonathan is jazzing up his bowls with Birthday Cake Granola. Each handful of granola is made with clean ingredients with a share of ancient grains. Ain’t no party like a clean, safe party!


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