Better with Age and Better with Honey

Posted March 25, 2023 by Jasmyne Harris

The National Honey Board kicked off the trade show season by exhibiting at the American Craft Spirits Association’s 10th annual “Better with Age” show in Portland, Ore. As eager attendees waited outside the hall to celebrate with a special ribbon cutting ceremony, exhibitors patiently enjoyed the stillness in the room. Once the doors opened, it was go time!

We showcased some of our favorite made-with-honey spirits that previously took home Gold and Best of Show medals in our Honey Spirits Competition. The Glass Nectar vodka from Glass Vodka presents a sweet and light floral nose that is crafted for the best palates. The Distiller’s Reserve from 12th Hawaii Distiller was a unanimous winner because of its use of honey that was four times distilled from Hawaiian kiawe honey. Want to know what a delicious spirit made from honey tastes like? Give either of these a try.

Attendees and exhibitors tasted northwestern fireweed, buckwheat and meadowfoam honey. If you haven’t had honey that tasted like floating on a cloud of cotton candy or marshmallows, you’re missing out on a delectable honey varietal. Meadowfoam is a beautiful flower local to Oregon that blooms in the Willamette Valley. The name stems from the white foam on the ocean from which it blooms. Meadowfoam honey has a beautiful golden amber hue to complement its taste. This honey was a crowd favorite.

Honey has diverse qualities and purposes when it comes to spirits. Honey can be used to blend or back sweeten a spirit, used in the fermentation process or even to add a unique flavor profile with a refreshing mouthfeel.

What we try to do at these shows is get distillers to think outside the hive! If a distiller wants to make an aged bourbon, might we suggest using oak barrels filled with a wildflower honey before removing the honey to add bourbon for an incredible spirit. Don’t believe us, just ask the pros at Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery who did just that for their Honey Cask bourbon. The 112.9 proof spirit is a smooth sipper that will blow your mind about honey’s characteristics.

Want more information about how honey can be used in a spirit? Follow @Honey4Pros on Instagram and be sure to keep an eye out for special honey events!

As always, cheers and sip made-with-honey spirits responsibly.

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