Brightly Creative Adds North Shore Living to Client Portfolio

Posted June 24, 2020 by Alyssa Stahr

Good news lends itself to even more weight in 2020, and we’re excited to announce that North Shore Living is now part of the Brightly Creative family! We’re growing like fresh herbs, and the metaphor isn’t lost on us as we look at the newest part of our food and beverage agency.

Here’s a few things we love about the company, established in 1967:

  1. You can buy their herbs at the supermarket, but with a twist: the roots are attached. The living herb (rather than a cut herb) philosophy starts with the fact that living herbs simply last longer. Factor in distribution time to supermarkets, and you have a small window of success with cut herbs. Herbs with roots last longer and make for a fresher ingredient in meals. 
  2. If you have a windowsill, having a root-based herb garden makes the “garden” factor even more real. City dwellers yearning for green space have an easily accessible garden literally at their fingertips. No green thumb necessary.
  3. North Shore’s herbs are given the best treatment from Day 1: a greenhouse. These herbs are planted from seed, spend several weeks in a greenhouse to mature a bit and then shipped to supermarkets. The plants are young, tender and flavorful. No need to de-stem the rosemary and thyme or feel leathery leaves.
  4. The herbs are grown with some amazing sustainable practices. Don’t let us sell you on this one, watch this video from to learn more about North Shore’s process:

We’re excited to get to work on marketing North Shore Living’s living herbs and living microgreens collections. It’s a cool product, company and a client that’s anything but the garden variety.

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