Brightly Creative Halloween Tricks and Treats

Posted October 29, 2021 by Brightly creative.

Halloween 2021 marks the return of a somewhat normal routine, with traditions being exhumed, candies being chomped and costumes making us all feel like kids again. A few of us reminisced over what Halloween looks like in our undead worlds, and I have to say, we know how to throw a frighteningly good party.

Diego says that Ferrero Rocher is the perfect candy, so good in fact that he will die on that hill, but he did recently fall in love with Kasugai lychee gummies.

“I always do horror movie nights with my friends, but we had to keep it small last year so I’m excited to get back to a bigger group to watch some silly horror movies with.”

Jasmyne would kill for an endless supply of Haribo gummy candies. The Twin Snakes, Goldbears, Happy Cola, Starmix, all of them! 

“There’s a Haribo ginger-lemon candy that I haven’t tried yet but would love to if I can find it.”

She missed seeing friendly trick or treaters, so if you’re in her area, stop by for some goodies!

Alison says: “BRING ON THE CARAMEL! Milk Duds, Werthers and Milky Ways are always a treat. However, I am excited to try one of the OGs of caramel chocolate’s newest concoction, Twix Cookies & Creme Chocolate Candy.”

Last year she got to start a new tradition of passing out candy with her husband at their first home, and they are excited to continue that tradition this year. Get your candy at the Conklins!

Jon’s wife is a huge horror fan, so October is spent watching FearFest on AMC every night. You’ll find him sinking his teeth into a Health Bar, his fave.

Alyssa’s fave is anything chocolate. Twix, Kit Kat, 100 Grand, Snickers, I’ll take it. 

“Most of my Halloweens have been spent traveling abroad, but when I’m home I celebrate my dog’s birthday (Oct. 30) with puppy-friendly treats and a stroll around the neighborhood to see the cute costumes. He live in a high rise, so we will probably spend this year watching a silly Halloween movie and keeping all the candy to ourselves. Scary!”

And, as always, Keith stands by his love of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which is by far “the best candy in the world.”

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