Brightly Creative Heads into 2022 Looking on the Bright Side

Posted December 22, 2021 by Alyssa Stahr

We’re heading into the New Year with smiles on our faces, thankfulness in our hearts and high fives to another wonderful year of triumphs and wins through adversity. As the Brightly Creative team takes a well-deserved break for the rest of 2021, we each took a moment to reflect on our top win of the year.

Keith’s Win: Survival

It’s hard being a small business amid a global pandemic, especially when a significant part of your business is tied to events and business travel. Add in client budget cuts and high levels of uncertainty, and you start to understand why Jonathan and I have had a pit in our stomachs since March 2020. However, we’re very fortunate at Brightly Creative. After treading water in 2020, we actually returned to somewhat normal business operations in 2021. It’s been really hard and probably put the type of work-related stress on our team that we don’t normally like to, but we made it through the year and have big plans for 2022.

Jasmyne’s Win: Surviving and Thriving

Almost two years working at BC, and I still can’t remember what I originally got hired for (lol). It has been a whirlwind of a challenge this year as I was thrown into more event planning. It was more than I expected, but I came out on top. There were long hours of finalizing event venues, booking hotels and flights, making phone calls, sending emails and packaging more than 1,000 bottles of alcohol! My mind is still blown by how I only had about two breakdowns. From all of the work I put in this year, I can better prepare myself for 2022. Bring it on … but not all at once please!

Diego’s Win: Surviving and Learning

It’s really hard to believe that just a year ago I was juggling full-time school and retail work while stressing if I’d find a job or not after graduating. I’m super fortunate to have been brought into the fold of such an amazing team, and it’s been a blast getting to learn how the industry works while challenging myself with new skills to learn. Excited to see what new stuff 2022 brings, but maybe it can chill with the drama; I think we’re all still processing 2020 and 2021.

Jonathan’s Win: Growth and Community

With all the uncertainty of 2020 and 2021, Brightly Creative still continues to grow as a company and as a community. We work hard for our clients and each other. We celebrate the wins and learn from the lows.

I have a role in creating an environment that meets challenges with curiosity and determination, supports learning above failure, and instills trust and respect amongst each other. The most satisfying part of my job is seeing our small community mirror the above and bring their own forms of wisdom to the fold.

“Working” can take a lot of your time and energy: It feels like a lot less when you work with amazing people. Thanks folks 🙂

Jon’s Win: Joining the Brightly Team

Like many others, the pandemic led to soul searching and a job change. For me it was becoming a member of the Brightly team. I’ve worked in several creative capacities but I feel this new role is the perfect fit. I love the work (print, web and more) and the support of a great team. While I have only been on board for a little over two months, it’s been a fun ride. I cannot wait to see what 2022 brings!

Alison’s Win: Growing and Thriving

I think the team has said it all: as the world adjusted to a new way of living, so did our company. It has been two years of surviving, a lot of learning but ultimately growing and thriving. But I would rather focus on the last two parts of that. In the last year, we have gained two amazing team members, and there is more of that to look forward to in the new year! We also picked up multiple new clients including Dakota Specialty Milling, Chef’s Fun Foods, RexFab, Spring USA and Astra Manufacturing. As I look forward to 2022, I hope we can continue to learn from these last two years and keep growing and thriving in all that we do.

Alyssa’s Win: Trade Shows

I’m one of those people who love airplane food, airports, hotels and the overall experience of travel. But, even more than that, I absolutely love trade shows. Walking show floors and seeing the latest innovation, interviewing the difference makers and taking photos with mascots is the biggest joy for me. And, I missed it dearly in 2020. Even though it took me about two days to leave Charlotte after Snaxpo due to weather, I’m still incredibly thankful that we saw somewhat of a return to normalcy with travel. I’m hoping that 2022 goes smoothly and I can see more of your faces — yes, I’ll even take smizing with a mask — at a conference or show in the future. 

Cheers to a healthy and happy 2022 from the Brightly Creative crew.

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