Brightly Creative is Going the Social Distance

Posted July 24, 2020 by Alyssa Stahr

There are a number of phrases in our 2020 vocabulary that I never thought I’d be saying just six short months ago. “Wear your mask,” “quarantine,” “flatten the curve,” and “social distancing” are just a few that come to mind. 

The Brightly Creative team has always had a telecommute work from home business model, but COVID has had us challenged with changing our travel strategies — both professionally and personally. Trade shows have been cancelled. Vacations? Nope. However, I personally have enjoyed our video meeting calls and virtual happy hours that we’ve implemented over the last several months. 

Now that we’re going through various phases of reopening throughout the country, this week we decided to share the ways we’ve been socially distancing now that we can leave the house. A couple of us are doing mini-vacas in the wide open waters, others are enjoying long walks in the park — all at the recommended six feet apart, of course. 

Keith enjoyed a well-earned vacation last week with his family. Keith was able to catch some fish and spend time on the open water.

Alison took her time to social distance by developing her green thumb. She stopped and smelled the flowers, but also planted a couple of beauties during her time in nature. 

Jasmyne is taking her workouts outdoors! This is the perfect time to start her fitness journey, again. Although the gyms may be closed, it won’t stop her from accomplishing her goals. 

Jonathan social distances like a beast. The little silver rectangle is the roof of the old horse barn he’s turning into a house in Bend, Oregon. Everything to the right is thousands of acres of high desert BLM land — sand, lava rock formations, sage, juniper trees, tumbleweed and rabbitbrush.

Myself and my dog, Maddux, enjoy long walks in Lincoln Park and along the peaceful waters of Lake Michigan. Chicago is a great place to find social distance within the city limits, and I’m blocks away from green space and beaches. 

Remember, no one is alone in our time of need, and now that you’ve got the song in your head, turn up your headphones, speakers or radios and enjoy:

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