Brightly Creative Shares Love of Chocolate

Posted February 11, 2020 by Alyssa Stahr

What’s your favorite chocolate: dark, milk, white or … ruby? Innovations in the way chocolate is produced and sourced have disrupted this category in the past year, and whether you’re single or happily attached, this Valentine’s Day’s chocolate offerings have our Brightly Creative team excited to share our favorites.

Ruby Chocolate

My personal favorite chocolate of the “big three” has always been white, but in the traditional Russell Stover Assortment Box, another favorite of mine, I always jump for the raspberry or strawberry and chocolate combinations. Therefore I jumped to try ruby, which has finally made its way to America thanks to chocolate supplier Barry Callebaut. Food Dive said it best: The company discovered how to process these beans — the cacao — and produce dark-pink-hued ruby chocolate, which has a distinct tart taste reminiscent of berries. It should be noted that ruby, which has been in Asia since 2017, hit a roadblock with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which said it can’t be labeled specifically as chocolate. Barry Callebaut now has a temporary marketing permit labeling it “ruby cacao,” and I hope that no matter how it’s described that it’s here to stay.

Here’s the rest of the team’s Valentine’s Day chocolate picks:

Chocolate Caramel Lollypops, See’s Candies

I am a sucker for caramel, so every February I find myself dodging aisles of Milky Ways, Rollos and Milk Duds. And if there is a heart shaped box sitting around, you will find every caramel piece missing. If I could grab any chocolate right now, it would actually be See’s Candies Chocolate Caramel Lollypops. Forget the sticky chocolate fingers and indulge in a fantastic treat — on a stick! — Alison Wuebbels

Carrot Cake Chocolate Bar, Seattle Chocolate

I love carrot cake, and Seattle Chocolate’s Carrot Cake Chocolate Bar expertly translates my favorite cake into now my favorite chocolate bar. Milk chocolate, truffles, walnuts and spices combine for the perfect bite and flavor. I was given this bar by the CEO of the California Walnut Commission on day two of three days of meetings. It was the perfect candy then and remains so every other time I’ve seen the bar at airports since. — Keith Seiz

Seahorse Chocolate

I happened to cross paths with one of the owners of Seahorse Chocolate, Amanda Gartrell, before a trail run a couple of weeks ago. After listening to a very compelling sales pitch by her visiting mother, I decided to stop by the Bend, Oregon, shop to get a piece of the hype.

First of all, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but know well-crafted goods. I tasted five varieties, all originating from different countries: Fiji, Ecuador, Vietnam, Dominican Republic and Honduras. The chocolate flight was literally like taking a journey around the world. At the end of the trip, I landed comfortably in the Dominican Republic, a perfectly tart and bitter complement to my Guatemalan coffee. So I bought some. But, the Vietnamese chocolate was so different, and my family needed to experience it too. So I bought some. And, the fella who was helping me really loved the chocolate from Honduras. So I had to buy that too.

Need a micro-staycation? Experience global flavor through craft chocolate from Seahorse Chocolate! — Jonathan Galbreath

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