Brightly Creative Welcomes Mary Katherine Oellerich!

Posted October 6, 2022 by Alyssa Stahr

The newest Brightly Creative team member is Social Media Manager Mary Katherine Oellerich. She received a journalism degree, with an emphasis on print journalism, and a minor from The University of Mississippi. Since finishing college 10 years ago, she has worked in various industries, including publishing, printing, fashion and marketing. Five years ago, she began helping with the social media team where she was working. She realized she really enjoyed social media marketing and everything that it entailed. It was then that she realized her career path would be within the marketing industry. She started doing freelance social media for a few businesses and growing her skills, which then led her to doing social media full-time for a full service marketing agency. We sat down with Mary Katherine to learn more about her love for social media, her favorite meal and her predictions for the future.

Why did you choose social media as a profession?

Social media marketing was something I originally never saw myself doing but it became a passion. With social media always changing, it’s never boring. There is always something to challenge me and learn.

What drew you to Brightly Creative?

I loved that Brightly Creative solely focuses on marketing for the food and beverage industry. It was something different, and sounded fun, which intrigued me.

If you could pick one social media platform to work with, which is your favorite?

I think I’d have to go with Instagram. Instagram is an endless scroll of inspiration. Art, fashion, news, entertainment, etc. It truly can be a great source for anything you’re looking for.

Predict the future — what’s next in social media for 2023?

Authentic content, posts shared in real time, things that users can relate to have come to be more in demand. TikTok and BeReal have really created a space for content that avoids flawless profiles in favor of in-the-moment sharing. Live video and social commerce will also continue to grow.

Since we’re a food and beverage agency, we have to ask: What is your go-to meal and beverage?

Tuna tartare, with a side of guacamole and homemade tortilla chips. And a dry martini with extra olives.

If you could choose three goals for your next year of life (can be personally and professionally) what would they be?

Continue to grow in my career. Read 10 books. Be more spontaneous.

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