Celebrating National Honey Bee Day!

Posted August 21, 2021 by Alyssa Stahr

If there was ever a time to stop and smell the flowers, today’s the day. Today we celebrate the makers of Mother Nature’s sweetener who not only provide honey but also are responsible for one-third of the food we eat. Thanks to beekeepers, honey bee enthusiasts and those who support organizations like our upcoming National Honey Month partners (link to press release), honey bees can keep on doing what they do best: pollinating, honey making and happily buzzing around. 

During our time working with the National Honey Board, we’ve amassed quite a bit of honey bee knowledge along the way. So, gather your favorite made-with-honey food or beverage and brush up on your honey bee trivia skills.

Bees are ancient! The earliest evidence of honey bees dates back to over 100 million years to Patagonia. 

Worker bees (they’re female, BTW), feed the larva more than 1,500 meals a day! Who run the world? Bees!

A single bee will visit on average 20,000 flowers in her lifetime. That’s a ton of frequent flyer miles!

The sole egg layer in the hive is the Queen Bee. She will give birth to up to one million bees in her lifetime. Talk about girl power!

We love a good dance party, and so do honey bees. The Waggle Dance is a way that bees will communicate location and scout for nectar sources.

How are you celebrating the Honey Bee today?

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