Celebrating the Win

Posted March 3, 2022 by Alyssa Stahr

When the Super Bowl champs — or any sports team for that matter  — win the big game, they fly into a pile of screaming delight, jumping up and down in the height of joy reminiscent of childhood. GONG’s Super Bowl commercial showcased sales floors, ringing the gong every time a sale was made. Through this hilarious technique the competitive nature and drive were nurtured in a very public way — but the win was also celebrated outwardly. 

Our team has been discussing Brightly Creative’s wins as of late. For the most part, we work hard and make clients happy, which is a win in and of itself. But, what about tooting our own horns? How do we really showcase what we do without looking like braggarts? Is that even a necessary fear, or should we be shouting “Wow, we did this,” just a little bit more?

Psychology Today shared that celebrating life’s moments is key for mental health:

  • We have something to look forward to
  • We feel more optimistic
  • We cherish good times so much more
  • We get out of life’s ruts 
  • And for those of us who scored high on the “words of affirmation” category in the 5 Love Languages quiz, it can literally help our overall communication and interpersonal relationships

So, today I’m jumping on the proverbial pile — the thought of the eight of us jumping on a winning pile makes me laugh — and I’m giving Brightly Creative three high-fives for recent wins.    


This barley water project began last year, and our creative team was involved in naming the product, testing formulas and developing the brand. From packaging graphics to press releases to the social media launch (@drinkgraasi), this campaign results in a packaged product that’s actually good for you! It’s really cool to see a concept become reality. Check it out at www.graasi.com!

​Creating Something from Nothing

Speaking of concepts, the key word that drives our creative agency is creativity. Each and every day we are tasked with writing, designing, strategizing and spitballing concepts that no one has ever done before, yet that stay within the scope of client approval. On some occasions blogs, for example, write themselves. Those are glorious times! The days I’m hit in the brain with writer’s block are challenging, and drawing inspiration from the world, coworkers or my friendships are wins in and of itself.

Client Retention Rate 

One source of pride we have at Brightly is our lack of turnover in the client world. We have a few long-standing clients, which is rare in our line of work. We attribute that to the relationships we’ve built, the creative work we’ve produced and the trust that comes with successful years together. 

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