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Posted September 1, 2023 by Alyssa Stahr

Brightly Creative’s summer was one of change, growth and learning experiences. Through this company I’ve been able to enjoy some cool life moments, all the while becoming more adept at reporting on the food and beverage industry. I’ve narrowed down my last four months to my top three moments.

The Rooftop at Javits Center

Hey reader, you’ve been to the Summer Fancy Food Show — but have you been to the rooftop? Ever since the 2022 trade show, I’ve been on a quest to visit Javits Center’s pollinator garden and bee hives, and it was worth the wait. Our tour took us through:

  • the irrigation system, which absorbs seven million gallons of water
  • the beautiful seven-layer deep pollinator garden and orchard, which houses native, medicinal or edible plants. There are 32 apple trees with five different varieties and six pear trees, with two different varieties. 
  • the nine beehives, which have about 40,000 to 70,000 bees per hive. 
  • the amazing basil, lettuce and tomato gardens and kitchen, which help cater Javits Center events. 

It was truly an eye-opening hour, complete with unbeatable views of New York City.


The Institute of Food Technologist event is a show of the future. New ingredients and innovations are the hallmarks of this show, and I particularly love visiting with food science students who are studying sustainability; ways to use clean label, whole ingredients; and how to tell the story of true farm to table sourcing. We even spoke with a Ph.D. student whose thesis focuses on 3D printing and food. IFT Chicago was also our newest team member’s trade show debut. Hailee represents the future of our company and brings unique ideas and ways to wow our clients. It was a welcome parallel to IFT. 

Digital Nomad Life

Brightly Creative has gone international! At least its content director has. I’ve headed to Europe for an unknown amount of time, on a quest to take digital nomadism to the next level. I’ve lived abroad before, but something feels different this time — perhaps it’s the time change! No matter what, I’m thrilled to be able to take my laptop across the world. I remember when these days were a mere dream, and I try to stop once a day, look at my surroundings and be thankful. 

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