Day Three at #ExpoWest: These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Posted March 10, 2018 by Keith Seiz

I’m exhausted. Long show hours plus less than accommodating accommodations have left me empty and headed to the airport early Saturday. Before a long day of travel ahead and a much needed break on Sunday, I leave you with a final report of a few of my favorite products from Natural Products Expo West.

Straus Family Creamery – Organic Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

I didn’t have a lot of ice cream samples at the show, but this one really stood out. The flavors were spot on. The raspberry perfectly tart, the chocolate exquisitely bitter and sweet. I also learned a little bit about the company’s founder. Great story and a great product.

Check out the product.

The Wine RayZyn Co. – MerlayZyn

One of the truly unique products I saw at this year’s show. Even better, it’s so simple. Dried wine grapes. Think raisins with a crunch. The crunch comes from the seed that provides the perfect amount of texture and bite to transform a simple snack into something so much more.

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My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream – Salted Caramel Mochi

As I wrote about earlier this week, I had my first experience with mochi at this show. It was delicious. My second experience; even better. This salted caramel treat was about as perfect of a dessert as you can buy at a supermarket.

Learn more about the company.

World Peas Brand – Peatos

The first snack I tasted at Natural Products Expo West, and it stood up throughout the show. Upon reflection, it wasn’t the best thing I ate, but it was the best healthy version of an unhealthy snack I’ve had in ages.

Check out the product.

SOMA Kombucha – Pear-Fennel Jun Kombucha

I’ve had quite a few types of Jun (Kombucha with honey instead of sugar) and found the sweetness to be a great balance to the acidity of these products. This take added pear and fennel flavors, which married amazing well with base Jun. This was a perfectly balanced beverage.

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