Eating On The Fly: Airport Food Trends

Posted January 7, 2020 by Alison Conklin

The Brightly Creative Team has taken off in the past year with a ton of work trips, and we’re heading into 2020 with even more on the docket. As we wandered the long halls of airports across the country, we have picked up on some common food trends at kiosks alike. 

Keeping It Fresh

In the last five years, snacking at airports has changed completely. Really, even within the last year. Where once you could only choose between cheesy or sour cream coated snacks, there are now kiosks dedicated to offering fresh options for everyone. For every newspaper stand, you can now find on-the-go salads, fruit, vegetables, yogurts and more. Balancing a diet while on the road is a major challenge we all face while on the road, but these fresh kiosks help ease the weight of traveling. 

Innovation In The Aisles

Being in the Midwest, we are usually one of the last to get the new, innovative products on the market. With constant food publication subscriptions updating me on what’s next to try, I know if I can’t find it in my local grocery shore, I am sure to find it on my next trip to the airport. Maybe this is food innovators’ new way of reaching targets across the country and quietly sneaking into the hands of travelers alike, but I know I love trying the newest chickpea chip, fruit and nuts bar or bagged pickle while boarding my flight.

Water, Water Everywhere

This one baffles me. Before my flights, I just want to go in, grab my new product snack and a water to go. What I am left with is staring at a large cooler space filled with tons of water brands to choose from. I get it; they need to break their way in like food innovators, but with so many options for the same product, I don’t see how all the skews make it off the shelves.

Cheers To Craft Beers

For those looking for a quick liquid snack, airports are popping up with craft bars everywhere. We have been so happy to see some of our craft friends’ beers alongside big beer at airports. It helps us get to try all the local beers while waiting to board for the day.

We’re excited to see what’s new in airport fare in 2020. Bon voyage!

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