From #Mocktails to #Coyboycaviar: What Social Media Trends are You Following?

Posted August 2, 2022 by Brightly creative.

During the course of the pandemic, our social media feeds were flooded with videos of people diving into at-home culinary experiments. Loaves of banana and sourdough bread, espresso martinis, mason jars filled with overnight oats and anything air fried … there was never a shortage of culinary creations designed to inspire. Although the restaurant scene is picking up pace, homebodies rejoice; social media still has your back when it comes to food trends to try in the comfort of your home for the remainder of 2022 (or, if you’re like me, food trends to swoon over but not actually try because … dirty dishes). 

  1. Mocktails: if you look up the hashtag #mocktails on Instagram, over 1.2 million results will populate. With the continued popularity of cocktails, many food bloggers have swapped out alcoholic recipes for zero-proof concoctions. Looking for a RTD (ready to drink) option? Here are a few favorites:
Curious Cocktail Club – Monthly Variety Pack

2. Plant-Based Milks: as someone who follows a plant-based diet, I am always on the lookout for new vegetarian options. While “zoodles” (zucchini noodles) had their moment in the spotlight, milk alternatives keep growing in popularity. Over the last several months #plantmilk has exploded on Instagram. From pea to cashew, the homemade plant-based milk revolution is expanding with no end in sight. Hey Santa, if you’re reading this and looking for an idea, I’ve got my eye on the Almond Cow Milk Machine.

3. Salsa + Salad: summertime always brings out food trends that highlight fresh seasonal produce in all of its glory and this year is no exception. Social media streams are flooded with #coyboycaviar and other salads that can be eaten like salsa (scooping up every last bite of deliciousness with a tortilla chip). The best part of this trend is that no cooking is required (the thought of turning on my oven to cook when it’s 96 degrees outside? No thank you!).

Are you jumping on the social food trend train this summer? 

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