Happy Birthday, Keith!

Posted April 21, 2020 by Alyssa Stahr

We’ve got another Brightly Creative birthday this week — the one and only Keith Seiz! The family-man-runner-cyclist-foodie-expert-napper extraordinaire answered our questions as well this week, and it gave us an inside look at everything from airplane pet peeves to coveted travel supplies. Enjoy, and please join us in wishing Keith a very happy day!

If you could spend 24 hours in any country and could only take three things, where would you go and what would you bring?

I’d go to the Basque region of Spain with my bike, book and an appetite. I’m a foodie and love eating my way through new cities and countries dining on everything from street food to Michelin-rated restaurants. The Basque region is known for both, so I would spend my day eating and then when I got full, would explore the country side on my bike and work back up an appetite. In 24 hours, I think I could hit three of the best 50 restaurants in the world and a slew of pintxos.

Which one of your daughters do you love the most and why?

As any honest parent will tell you, it depends on the day. 

Would you rather eat the same food every day or, once you eat a certain food, you’re never able to eat it again?

Interesting question. I can’t imagine eating the same food every day, but I also can’t imagine what kind of food will be left if I can’t repeat meals. By the time I’m 63, I imagine dining on wheatgrass and fried earthworms. If I had to choose, and I guess I do, I would always go with variety as it would be impossible to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life. My taste buds change frequently and I can’t imagine my favorite food now will be as enjoyable three years down the road. I used to love my wife’s chicken and rice. But we ate it so much the thought of it makes both of our stomach’s revolt. Give me variety, even if it means I’ll be dining on bugs and flowers. 

You travel a lot for Brightly. What’s your biggest airplane pet peeve?

This is by far the easiest question. I loathe people that don’t use headphones and subject the rest of the plane to their movie, music or Candy Crush game. The games are the worst, as all you’ll hear is a high-pitched bell, whistle or ding over and over. I’m pretty tolerant of people on a plane, but that is the one thing that will have me hitting the call button.

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