Hindsight Will Be 2020: Our 2019 Resolutions

Posted January 3, 2019 by Brightly creative.

Two things we’ve learned about resolutions over the years. First, you have to write them down. Second, they have to be concrete enough to determine at the end of the year if you successfully accomplished your goals. With that being said, #TeamBrightly wrote down its resolutions and is making them public so we can either celebrate success at the end of the year or shame each other for our shortcomings. 

Jonathan’s Resolutions

We are all busy people, but when I meet someone I’d like to work with and send them an email, and send an email, and connect with them on LinkedIn, and send an email, and I don’t hear anything, I usually take that as a “no”. However, time has told me that maybe it’s just the wrong day/time. Or, it’s the person you didn’t spend much time talking to that’s the key master.

I’ve been doing what I do for a long time. Many folks still don’t know that we’ve started a newish agency. Many people haven’t seen the dozens and dozens of brands that I/we’ve have created over 20 years. Many friends and cohorts don’t know I/we am/are a resource. That’s going to change.

Once the busy season starts, things move very fast. I’m squeezing in edits and changes and design between flights and phone calls. Home life certainly can make things even more frantic. We all make mistakes, but extreme multi-tasking has its tolls. Dedicating time and creating time expectations (i.e. “I will dedicate 10 minutes to this.”) is something I hope to improve in 2019.

Keith’s Resolutions

New Business
We are entering year three of Brightly Creative and to date, we have been blessed with an amazing roster of clients. This year, it’s time to expand that list (just a bit) and position our agency for success well into the future. 

Write More
I started my career as a writer but evolved into more of a “speaker.” I plan on writing more this year about what I love: the food and beverage industry. 

Pick up the Phone
I’ve become too dependent on email and plan to change that in 2019. I won’t be ringing people daily with simple questions and requests, but I will start making an effort to connect more closely with my team and clients by picking up the phone more often. 

Alison’s Resolutions

Inbox Zero
This is a page right out of the Keith Seiz book, and a productivity benchmark I hope to achieve this year. From unsubscribing to emails that clog my inbox to prioritizing the importance of emails I receive every day, having a clean slate to focus on tasks starts with an empty inbox.

Set up Google Alerts
I often find myself overwhelmed with my reading list about specific products, clients and trends. I’m going to start using Google Alerts as an easy tool to track mentions, filter competitors or see where our business is being talked about on the web. Check out this simple link to create an alert today. 

Block Out Times for Those Hard-to-do Tasks
We all have tedious weekly or monthly to-dos. Instead of panicking at the last minute or scraping to find the motivation to finish the job, I plan to set up recurring blocks of time to finish projects, removing all other distractions and responsibilities, and essentially removing all dread to get it done and gaining focus to finish the task on hand. 


Let us know your pursuits. We’ll find the best way to get you there.