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Posted April 1, 2021 by Brightly creative.

In November, we published “Tips for a Successful Virtual Event,” at the end of a year like no other. We weren’t sure of what was to come; we didn’t know how long the “virtual” aspect of webinars, Zoom calls and video-only interactions would last. We’re now ending the first quarter of 2021, and we’re seeing a little bit of a return to normal. So far, 2021 is off to an uplifting start, but just to play it safe, Brightly Creative is sticking with engaging, interactive, summits and webinars.

Shifting from in-person events in the food and beverage industry in particular to an atmosphere of no hands-on tasting and testing isn’t the easiest task, but so far we’ve pulled it off with our first two Honey Virtual Summits of the year. This month we hosted the Virtual Honey Beer Summit and the Virtual Honey Spirits Summit, two audiences — brewers and distillers — and there are at least 14 more to come! We will be hosting virtual summits with chefs, R&D personnel, bakers and more.

Since the list of attendees can’t taste our range of honeys in person, we’ve been bringing the honey to them! For each of our virtual events, we have sent out a corresponding kit. And, Account Director Alison Conklin, says that these kits are meaningful.

“They aren’t just pens, stickers and swag to sweeten the deal,” she says. “I have been having the most fun building kits for our National Honey Board events, dubbed, ‘Honey Boxes.’ For each event, we send out a Honey Box with different honey varietals from around the world. We send notes on how to taste honey and best storage practices. Then we taste the honeys together during the virtual event. It opens the room for discussion and brings a lot of joy back that we used to have at in-person events.”

Alison also likes to insert topical pun jokes in the chat room. Even though some people may opt for off-camera interaction, nothing is better than trying to watch on-camera attendees hold back a smile. We don’t always get to see those smiles hidden under masks these days, and they brighten the chatroom each and every time.

Excited to see what the Brightly crew is up to? Check out our upcoming virtual events, and contact us for more information!

Honey Beer Summit June 3
Honey Spirits Webinar: Moonshine UJune 9
Honey Baking Summit June 10
R&D Summit June 17
Honey Spirits Summit July 1
Specialty Summit July 8

Even though we’re not quite there with in-person food and beverage tastings, we are seeing a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel. For those of you hosting virtual events, how have you changed things? What are you doing to keep attendees excited and engaged? We’d love to hear from you!

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