Swipe, Post, Then Eat

Posted February 5, 2024 by Jasmyne Harris

As social media continues to gain more popularity and advancement, so does how we eat. When you’re out at a restaurant and order something tasty, you want to share it with your Insta-friends to show how aesthetically pleasing the dish is or even how it was served. Remember Salt Bae? More often than not, your phone will eat first (as the kids are saying) to show off what’s on your plate. Social media has an influence on how consumers are eating through food photography, viral recipes, how people eat and where to eat at. Swipe up for more deets!

Phone Eats First

Snapping pictures of food isn’t a new trend by any means, but it’s definitely a hot one. Social media’s obsession with oversharing has its perks when it comes to food. If you’re scrolling and see a perfectly grilled salmon filet on a bed of lemon orzo resting on a beautiful earth-toned plate, you too might want to visit that restaurant and have the same experience. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words … or likes!

Viral Recipes

It seems like every other day there’s something going viral, and it’s hard to keep up. Birria tacos had their moment, so did baked feta pasta, along with anything vegan chef Tabitha Brown makes. And we can’t forget about the chicken salad from 81st Deli! Viral moments can happen at any time, and it’s key to go with the flow if trying to build engagement for your restaurant or food or beverage product release.


If you’re not on social media (that’s surprising) then you might not have heard about one of the popular trends of last year being “girl dinner” and how the girlies are satisfying their cravings. What is girl dinner? You know how sometimes you want French fries, a Caesar salad and a Diet Coke? Or you might want two bites of a hamburger, some fried rice and a scoop of ice cream? That’s girl dinner. It’s not a full meal but it’s just enough to please what you’re needing in that craveable moment.

Food Tours

Food influencers have been traveling the globe going on food tours to give viewers the best culinary experiences. Professional mixed martial artist turned food critic, Keith Lee, has been taking cities by storm giving honest reviews in every bite. Many restaurants have seen positive increases in sales from influencers like Lee visiting their establishments. Not only is it great exposure to locals who may not have known the place existed, but it also brings to life how impactful social media can be.

Social media is here to stay, and has a huge say in how we eat. Don’t get unfollowed for fear of not being #instagramable. What are some ways that social media has influenced you or your business? Let us know with a trendy pic @brighlycrea8ive.

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