Unwind With National Drink Wine Day

Posted February 12, 2021 by Jasmyne Harris

Hurry before it’s too late! National Drink Wine Day is next week, Thursday, Feb. 18, and you don’t want to have an empty glass. Wine lovers, including us here at Brightly Creative, are preparing to to indulge on their favorite glass — or bottle — of adult grape juice.

It’s never been easier to enjoy a glass of wine thanks to wine delivery services such as Winc, First Leaf and Mysa Natural Wine Club. These services have proven especially valuable amid quarantine, and it’s never been easier to click and buy from the comfort of an oversized sweatshirt you’ve been wearing throughout the pandemic. 

But, which wine do you order? 

The Brightly Creative team has their opinions, but before we get to those, we wanted to ask some expert advice from Sommelier and Wine Consultant, Alisha Blackwell-Calvert, CSW.

“I’m a ‘do what you want’ kind of girl. When serving your guests, if they want ice wine, that’s fine. For me, it’s a hard no.” Alicia is all about the champagne! There’s just something about the bubbles that feels elegant and festive.

Keith concurs, and has shifted his drinking preferences from big, dry Napa cabernets to popping bottles of Champagne. As for the rest of the team?

Jonathan enjoys a full bodied Firesteed Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Alyssa’s go-to vino is the Barefoot Riesling although she does enjoy a glass of pinot grigio or chardonnay as well. 

Alison is a sweet kind of girl. So sweet that she enjoys mead! Mead is a honey wine, so she’ll be celebrating National Wine Day with a glass or two of Moonlight Meadery’s flagship mead, Desire.

Diego is making his way into the wine world this year. He’s enjoyed red wine in his earlier days, but hasn’t drank much since. Don’t worry winos, he’s toasting with moscato!

As for me, I’ll take a dry pinot noir. I swore by sweet blends, but my palate has evolved since. Wine drinking is fun, and I like to think I’m sophisticated when I pair it with certain foods. 

Just like our team’s choice in music or skill sets, Brightly Creative’s wine tastes are quite  diverse! No matter if we’re sipping on sweet whites or crushing crisp reds, National Drink Wine Day is the perfect holiday for us. Enjoy and please drink responsibly. 

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