Virtual Tastings Brings Togetherness From a Distance

Posted May 21, 2020 by Alyssa Stahr

Most of my fondest memories of togetherness come in the form of enjoying a wonderful meal and taste testing new drinks with friends (or strangers for that matter — imbibing brings people together). Who doesn’t love a great wine or spirits tasting, or a beer flight at the local pub, or an appetizer platter filled with small portions of menu items to try out? 

I’m seeing the hashtag #alonetogether pop up during this time of staying at home and social distancing. It reminds me that even though I can’t enjoy food and beverages in person, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have creative folks in the industry that are at the ready with alternatives. We truly can be solo, yet together, with the awesome idea of a virtual tasting.

One of the great things about virtual tastings is that it works for extroverts and introverts. With a virtual tasting, you can order the items, have them shipped to your doorstep and choose whether you enjoy a night or afternoon having a blast with yourself or invite people to have the same items shipped to their homes along with you for a simultaneous Zoomfest. No matter who you’re inviting, I’ve scoured the internet for some of the most unique virtual tasting experiences I could find. Cheers, bon appetit and enjoy!

Taste with Sports Celebs! Professional basketball player Josh Hart and former professional football player Jerry Rice are kicking off  “The Masters with Justin” virtual tasting event, starting tomorrow. If you’re not ready for the first one, don’t worry; it’s a new series of wine tastings with the first one to feature three guest curated wines via @justnwine on Instagram. Justin and the featured celeb will taste with you discuss wine and sports and share favorite career moments while guiding you through tasting notes. Each tasting will have a “Virtual Tasting Pack” available for pre-order for 21 and over.

Food and Wine Pairings. Oakville, CA-based B Cellars Hospitality House will not only send you your preferred wine blend, but the tasting also includes food that complements each glass, a dish for each wine. You’ll be responsible for making the food, but recipes can be sent in advance so you can cook ahead of time — another way to keep yourself busy at home. The virtual taste test also includes an interactive tour of the grounds (there are wine caves!).

Bring Beerfest to your living room. If one tasting isn’t enough for you, welcome to the first-ever Virtual Beer Festival, June 13-14, sponsored by Untappd. Participants in selected ZIP codes can choose from the Drinking Socially Package or the Stay at Home Package (learn more by clicking the link). The event will be streamed live, with panelists and other festival “goers” able to interact with each other. Untappd will donate a portion of the proceeds from the virtual festival to benefit the Restaurant Strong Fund, a fund created in partnership between Samuel Adams and the Greg Hill Foundation, which aims to aid restaurant workers impacted by the COVID-19 closures.

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