Welcome Lauren Beers, Social Media Manager

Posted January 10, 2022 by Alyssa Stahr

We’re an elite 8 now at Brightly Creative, and the newest cog in our ever-growing wheel comes to us in the form of social media. We’re excited to provide even better social media management both internally and externally, and Lauren Beers is the perfect person to take us down the booming road of hashtags, stories, engagement and gifs.

Can you tell us more about your professional career with social and how the love for social media began for you? Why did you decide to specialize in it?

I honestly stumbled upon social media, and didn’t realize at the time that I could make a career out of it. I was trying to sell a coffee table on Craigslist when I noticed a job posting for a manager at a small bakery in Chicago. I have my degree in marketing and communications but was working in insurance claims at the time (I graduated college during the recession so I honestly took the first job that I could snag) — I knew I always wanted to utilize my degree somehow. I made a pitch to the owner of the bakery about working as their manager in addition to handling all of their marketing. Having the opportunity to incorporate social media into their marketing strategy was truly when I first realized that there was a huge opportunity to segment off and solely handle social media full time. Since my time at the bakery I’ve had the opportunity to work within multiple industries but always found my way back to a food-centric company. 

If you could pick one platform to work with for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Probably Instagram. I’m such a visual person with a short attention span, so I love the opportunity to quickly scroll through images and updates without getting bogged down by too much text. 

There’s been a lot of criticism about social media – it’s kind of turned into a love it or hate it phenomenon. What are some of the positives you find from social media?

I honestly think that social media is whatever you make of it. It’s a great spot to find inspiration and remain connected (especially during the pandemic), but I always try to take things that I see on social media with a grain of salt. 

Let’s talk Brightly Creative. How did you find us and what drew you to the company?

I found Brightly on LinkedIn and was immediately drawn to the company website. Reading everyone’s bios sealed the deal for me when it came to applying. Having worked in multiple industries, I knew that I was at a point in my career where I really needed to be working alongside a phenomenal group of people who shared my passion for the food and beverage industry. Brightly was the perfect fit! 

What are you most looking forward to this year?

First and foremost, being the newest addition to the Brightly Creative team of course! I miss being able to travel (something I think most of us have missed over the last two years) so fingers crossed for more travel in 2022. I’m also a certified pilates instructor so I’m hoping to start back in the studio on the weekends as well. 

Is your desk organized or a mix of organized chaos? What’s the office product you can’t live without? 

My desk is actually pretty organized at the moment. I can’t live without a notebook and pen (if I don’t write it down, it gets forgotten). I also have an ample amount of my kids’ artwork proudly displayed. 

Obviously we’re a food and beverage creative agency. What’s your go-to meal (drink included)?

I’m a vegetarian, so anything plant-based is my jam, kombucha (I’m looking at you, GTs), and a well stocked charcuterie board sans meat always makes me happy (my love for bougie cheese runs deep). 

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