‘Wings of Life’ Theme Propels Pollinator Week

Posted June 20, 2022 by Alyssa Stahr

Being a food and beverage agency, we’re interested in the world’s pollinators, particularly those that are pollinate crops in all 50 states: the honey bee. Pollinator Week — June 20 through 26 — is a great time to further education on the power of our favorite winged pollinators: bees. Plus, who doesn’t love a good bee fun fact?

Did you know that a honey bee only makes 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime? If you said, no, and that’s an amazingly small amount for these hard workers, read on. 

National Pollinator Week not only raises general awareness for the world’s pollinators, including our beloved bees, but it’s also a time to learn how we can protect honey bees during a time where we need them more than ever.

Our work with the National Honey Board lends itself to some pretty unbeelivabable educational events, and there’s a multitude of ways to get involved with us beeyond Pollinator Week.

Honey Summits

The National Honey Board’s Honey Summits are exclusive events that gather groups of the most innovative bakers, brewers, distillers and R&D professionals in their industry for intensive seminars on honey. Each summit reviews application-based technical sessions and covers the story of honey: from the flower to the beehive to a product formulation. And, there’s an apiary tour included in the in-person summits, providing a bee’s eye view of our favorite pollinators. 

‘Bee to Bottle’ Presentations 

Whether you brew beer or are creating a non-alcoholic beverage for the marketplace, our online course about honey is a 90-minute deep dive into the story of honey bees to the science behind honey and its use in beverages. We beelieve any product developer or marketer in the beverage space will take some great value from the session. Learn more from alison@honey.com.

Fun fact break: Did you know that a worker bee — a female — has a lifespan of only 28-35 days? That 1/12 of a teaspoon made is even more important given the short amount of time she has to produce it. 

A Celebration of Beekeeping

Beekeeping is more than a job, it truly is a labor of love. During Pollinator Week, we turn your attention to the National Honey Board’s Celebrating Beekeeping series, which discusses this artful craft of honey production and the reward of witnessing the natural wonder of pollination every day.

Let’s get the buzz going. We need bees more now than ever, and for more ways to spread the word about Pollinator Week, click here and use the hashtag #PollinatorWeek in shareable content.

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