E-Commerce Boom Stretches Beyond the Ordinary

Posted November 12, 2020 by Alyssa Stahr

This week the National Honey Board hosted its annual Honey Industry Summit, and since this year went virtual, the content was data driven, centered on research conducted on consumer attitudes and usage. Additionally, volumetric survey data regarding the foodservice and consumer packaged foods industry was shared. The impact that COVID-19 has had and is expected to have is paramount, and one industry that is reaping huge benefits is the e-commerce space.

One statement that struck me was that the growth of e-commerce has been “nothing short of breathtaking.” Dollar sales in June were an astounding five times greater than in 2019, and market research firm NPD reports 40% of shoppers are now ordering groceries online, which is up 28% prior to the onset of the pandemic.

As with many things, this took me down a rabbit hole of thought. We’ve got UberEats, Postmates, meal delivery services, etc. But since people have been quarantined for what seems like eons, wacky delivery items have expanded. One can order just about anything on the planet to be delivered right to their front door. Whether that sounds enticing or frightening, here’s a few items I found that garnered a chuckle.

Potato Potahto

Who needs a greeting card when you can send a custom Anonymous Potato — that’s right, one single potato — to a loved one. You can design a custom message or upload your face onto the potato, among other things. A truly unique gift sure to brighten someone’s day and keep them guessing.

Which Came First? 

In this case, it’s the egg, but for a different reason than to immediately eat — instead its purpose is for a new hobby. Murray McMurray Hatchery, according to Fodors.com, will deliver fowl eggs to your house for incubation purposes. The little critters-to-be will be transported in custom-made boxes, and the company can also provide coops and winter gear. 

Once You Pop You Might Stop

Not for the faint of heart, these sodas from Lester’s Fixins range from Sweet Corn to Bacon to Buffalo Wing flavors. Everyone’s palate is different, so reactions are certain to be varied. If anything, the six-pack sampler available on Amazon is a surefire conversation starter. 

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