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Posted July 17, 2020 by Jasmyne Harris

Food has always been a passion of mine. Ever since I was a little girl I can remember being in the kitchen when my mom cooked Sunday dinners, asking questions and offering to help. If you have a love for food, there’s always a pivotal moment where you realized how strong your love was. For me, it was when I got a KitchenAid Mixer! This truly started everything. From there, I would watch the Food Network, ask for small kitchen appliances as gifts, collect cookbooks and now follow many Instagram food accounts. I’m sure like many foodies, we get excited seeing food in all forms. The beauty of being obsessed with food is sharing your creativity with others and getting ideas for new recipes. Instagram has become the new way to connect with food and people. Users are posting their delicious creations and sharing their love for food with millions of others alike. I’ve started following some amazing chefs and you should too!

Chef Devan (@chefdevan) is an international chef based out of Canada and he’s whipping up some amazing recipes. Chef Dev is well traveled and has taken trips all over the world including Scotland, India, Peru and many nations in between. He has made some delicious wagyu that is so tender it can be eaten with a plastic spoon! Talk about melt in your mouth! Chef Dev takes some of the most flavorful herbs and spices from around the world and adds his own flare to it. He’s someone you definitely should have your eye on! 

Vallery Lomas (@foodieinnewyork) is a champion baker from the hit show, Great American Baking Show, season 3. Her page is vibrant and flows full of tasty recipes. I can’t get enough of her sweet treats like a Breakfast Cereal Pie topped with fruity cereals and a graham cracker crust! On my list of hers to try is a Raspberry Rosé Sorbet! You can’t beat the summer heat without a scoop of this! Vallery’s page is full of delicious recipes, and she even has a cookbook coming out next year. 

Caitlin Schlueter (@cmarie.eats) is one of the most amazingly creative foodies I know! She is a friend of mine and I can’t help but brag about her Instagram page. Caitlin is always in the kitchen making some mouthwatering recipes and her photos make you wish you had a plate! I crave her dishes every week and would love a bite of her Honey Sriracha Chicken Tacos. Be sure to give Caitlin a follow and see what she’s cooking next. 

Whenever you’re stuck in a restaurant rut and need a new place to try, or you’re looking for inspiration for your next date night meal at home, search for a foodie account and it will not disappoint! I highly recommend following pages for nearby cities to try some incredible food. I have found some cool restaurants and bars from scrolling through Instagram. Great food is just a click away!

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