Smaller is Better. The Food Industry is Getting the Message.

Posted July 23, 2019 by Keith Seiz

I’m an unabashed fan of tasting menus. Give me 12 courses of small bites over a massive plate of fried “food” any day of the week. It’s not only that I enjoy tasting multiple things during a meal, it’s also that food waste gives me anxiety.

Yes, of all the things in this world to be anxious about, food waste may seem like an odd issue to worry about. However, you can’t choose what gives you anxiety and a massive plate of food going unfinished does it for me.

I’m guilty of eating my kids’ leftovers even though I don’t want them. I also finish their plates when they can’t, even though I may already be full. My wife thinks I’m obsessed with food waste and she’s probably right.

This food waste anxiety extends to packaged food as well. Every Sunday when I plan the family’s meals for the week, I first focus on what’s already in the pantry that needs to be consumed before it’s bad.

As a food waste obsessive, I was thrilled to see Bimbo Bakeries USA launch a new line of pan breads in a 10-slice format. This pint-sized loaf is perfect for most consumers that are cutting down on their carbohydrate intake and eliminating artificial preservatives from their diet. A bread loaf shouldn’t last two weeks, and these smaller loaves are perfect for most consumers.

Five sandwiches and then it’s time to buy another loaf. That seems completely reasonable to me and I’m glad the bread industry is responding to consumer requests for more sensible packaging.


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