Mark Boughton, Food Photographer: “Totally Boughsome”

Posted April 13, 2018 by Jonathan Galbreath

Photographers that own there craft, can be “spirited”. Often, being masterful can be confused with ego, and vice versa.

Flying to Nashville, Tennessee, on behalf of the National Honey Board for a photoshoot at the tail end of last year landed us at the studio of esteemed Mark Boughton, Food and Travel Photographer. He is 100% masterful and 100% a genuine, cheerful and funny dude. Mark loves what he does, and it’s infectious to those that surround him.

Brightly creative. for National Honey Board | Photo credit Mark Boughton

Mark owns his craft and, more than likely, he’s got a good handle on what you do, too. Having been in the industry, and had many previous shoots for National Honey Board, Mark immediately knew what we were trying to accomplish. Not only did we need solid high-resolution images for print…we needed them for web, social media, PR, display, etc. Mark’s understanding of the formats made composition largely effortless and quite enjoyable. Mark’s images became the backbone for many of our print and web pieces. Below are the covers and spreads we designed for the National Honey Board’s Honey Beer Brochure and Honey Spirits Brochure.


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