On the Road: Nashville, Tennessee

Posted January 12, 2018 by Jonathan Galbreath

When: December 12-15, 2017
Why: National Honey Board Photo Shoot

I’ve always struggled with getting a handle on Nashville. The city is in such growth and flux that every time I visit I find myself in a new pocket with new things to explore. This was my second trip to Nashville in 2017, and came on the heels of our October Honey Spirits Summit in the Music City.

The purpose of the trip was to capture 15 images that depicted honey’s potential in CPGs for our client the National Honey Board. It was our first time working with photographer Mark Boughton, who shoots quite a bit for the National Honey Board. I always get nervous when working with a new photographer, but the anxiety quickly eased shortly into the shoot. Mark and his team were top-notch. Incredibly skilled at their craft and great people to boot. Check him out if you need a food photographer.

The shoot was a big success thanks to Mark, his team and our creative director Jonathan. We nailed ever image and even got a few bonus pictures as well.

Here is my favorite  image from the shoot.

Out of all the things we do, photography is one area where I feel pretty useless. I don’t have an eye for photography, and I definitely don’t have the patience. I’m a doer, and always have to be doing something. On photoshoots like this, the positioning of a slice of grapefruit can take 30 minutes. I’m glad to work with people like Jonathan and Mark who have the eye and skill to make sure every detail is perfect and exact.

Ok, onto the more important topics from my Nashville trip…where we ate and drank! This trip featured a couple outstanding stops.

Husk Restaurant: One of my top 10 meals of 2017! Outstanding service, exceptional food and a menu that pleased the whole team, from the meat eaters to the vegetarian. In fact, the vegetarian dish was probably the best of the many we had. Billed simply as a “Plate of Southern Vegetables,” this dish was visually stunning and spot on from a flavor perspective, featuring five different vegetables each with a special treatment, from pickled to soaked in butter. Other standout dishes included the Aged Beef Tartare and Trout. If you’re in Nashville, check out Husk!

Attaboy: When Jonathan and I travel, we always look for the weirdest brewery and best cocktail bar. On this trip, we stopped by Attaboy, which models the famed New York City speakeasy of the same name. As most craft cocktail bars, the mood was a bit too dark and hipsterish for me. Those were my only complaints. The cocktails were amazing and I loved the “no menu” idea, where I described what flavors I liked and the bartender made me a drink. For a great cocktail in a dark room, Attaboy is a must.


Let us know your pursuits. We’ll find the best way to get you there.